Thursday, May 28, 2009

stitch and bitch birthday

chocolate and peach cake
my friend c made these! how cute! see the letter 'p' that's a hank of embroidery thread? there were balloons at the door, too! nice to get a little attention for a birthday, even though i've pretty much stopped counting!

as you can see, c, who's hosting, is a big emma bridgewater fan!
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

better bib - success!

yes, it's definitely working! so tonight at stitch and bitch i'll be finishing the edges!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

breadsticks for the baby!

i made these with

1 cup water (250ml)
1 tblsp oil
1 tsp dry yeast
1 tsp date syrup (instead of sugar)
1/4 tsp salt
and enough white spelt flour to make dough.

the breadsticks and mini flat breads i baked for 15 min at 200C, but the flat breads could have done with less, they are more like teething biscuits now. the rusks (zwieback) i baked for 20 min at 200C, then cut into slices, then baked again at 100C for about half an hour. (i think i'll have the rusks myself, with milky coffee in the morning!

i know we're not supposed to use salt for babies, but with the amount of salt i put in she could eat the whole lot over a day and a half and just about reach her salt limit. even i couldn't eat that many breadsticks! next time i might actually put 1/2 tsp salt in, they could do with a little more... (she'd never eat that much in 3 days either!!)
the rusks i might make again, with a milkier and sweeter dough.
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better bib project....

today emm decided to have some of my carrot soup and destroyed the sleeves of a lovely top, so i decided to try my hand at making a better bib. i made a raglan pattern using one of the tops that are still to big for her for reference. i got some lovely fluffy cupcake tea towels in penneys (aka primark), 2 for 3€, so if i can make 4 bibs out of them, that's not too bad! for the sleeves i'm using an old top of mine, the embroidery actually matches the colours of the tea towel!

the sleeves are deliverately long, so i can roll them up a little, the idea is that they will push up the sleeves underneath it and hence keep them clean! BLW safe!

as the little one is asleep, i just attached two fabric pieces as ties for now, and left the edges unfinished. we'll try it tomorrow morning for breakfast, and if it works well then i'll finish the edges and make ties using bias tape!

i could see these working with slightly puffier sleeves, with elastic in the cuff!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

summer is here!

oh dear, those birkenstocks need cleaning... how do you clean suede??
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Monday, May 4, 2009

new curtains for emm's room

i am planning to trim the curtain to just below the top of the radiator, or should i leave them long? i was thinking of usingthe leftover fabric for cushions, and the pink and turquoise bird fabric (on top of the trunk) fur either bedlinen for emm (maybe some appliqué on plain white bedlinen?) or also cushions? or to cover a notice board? the bird fabric was the inspiration for the curtains in the first place!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

new curtains for the bedroom

hopefully these 'aubergine' coloured lined cotton curtains will make it a little darker in the mornings, so emm might sleep a little longer! i B&Q'd it for these curtains, after trawling some curtain shops and getting depressed by the choice of dowdy beiges, old fashioned florals and tacky taffetas and deciding to wait for ikea to come to ireland! looking for storage boxes i accidentally wandered into the curtain isle in the big hardware retailer, and low and behold, decent prints and lovely coloured plains! i chose the purple for us, to go with the 'tarnished bronze' bedstead, and for emm's room i chose 'hot pink'! it'll be gorgeous with her aqua walls and white woodwork.

our room will need painting, the 'buttermilk' walls are scratched and grubby, and really don't go with my decadent luxurious bronze and purple colour scheme! i still had the bedlinen and dark purple cushions (dunnes). i'm thinking a plain off white for most walls, like the 'shimmering' we used in the kitchen/dining area, and a soft warm purple for one feature wall, (have a sample of crown's 'warm velvet armagnac' and shade cards for dulux 'mellow heather' and 'twilight cinders'. or would that be purple overload? hm, is there a contrasting colour for purple?

i hope i'll be able to get this room finished without going to 'boudoir' like, i do like simple lines and contemporary design... but i also like pattern and colour, i wouldn't mind some embroidered cushions... i'd like an interesting bedside lamp (and a different ceiling lamp, too!). yeah, then i'd also like nicer bedside tables (once emm has moved into her own room), a painting or print, i should keep a book just for my room ideas so i stay focused and can be let loose at flea markets and car boot sales without buying lots of uninspired junk!
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