Thursday, February 21, 2008

P's Gran

Who would have thunk it! She got her way and is out of hospital, back at home, out of bed and feeding herself again! They have a nurse coming in once a day and P's mum is doind A LOT of work, and one of her sons is staying in the house every night. She has a baby monitor in her room so at night she only has to call out and he can come in and get her what she needs or he can call P's mum to help. I'm so glad she's at home and might not have to die in a hospital. At this point it's about quality -not quantity- of life for her, and her doctor now agrees. I just hope it's not too hard on P's mum! The granny's weak now, and needs a lot of help, and a wheelchair, but just so happy to be home, I don't think P's mum is letting on how much work it is for her.
No other news, really... I'm smothered with a cold, i even was off work for a day! i'm much better now, but sound like a phlegm ball and am coughing like an old man... not pleasant.

Monday, February 11, 2008

a few photographs

the dunes, eaten away by the water, roots exposed.

the last minute 'purled' beret, now with 'beanie topper'

new shoes - green

new shoes - red!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

p's granny (2)

hi, thanks for your comments! p's granny is stable, still holding up, she's very weak though. himself and his brother went down to visit her yesterday, the hospital is very busy and she's on a big ward, there's lots of children and grandchildren wanting to see her and they take terms sitting by her side. p's glad he went to see her again, i'm not going to go down to the hospital myself as it's so busy and i don't want to take time away from her grandchildren, granny herself is sleeping through most of it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

p's granny

p's granny is very sick, she had a slow heart attack and there's nothing more the doctors can do at her age, she's getting pain killers and had her family around, taking turns staying with her. she's quite calm and recognising everybody but she can't really talk as she's getting oxygen. p's going down this afternoon, i might follow this evening or tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Isn't this the loveliest apron ever!?
It's so flattering and the colours are brilliant and it's reversible, too! I don't usually buy many patterns, especially not for practical things like aprons, but I am very very tempted! It's by Meg from Montessori By Hand, a very talented lady!

These are some photos of aprons i made over the last few years...

this one's made from habitat teatowels, for my friend

the first ovenglove was a bit too snug for its own good, it got donated to my other friend's kids' toybox... the second ovenglove was a little better and is actually still in use in hel's house!

this one is my own, again, habitat tea towels... i am planning to make matching oven gloves with the left over tea towel, using the pattern from lotta jansdotter's simple sewing book.

i made this little one for p's niece, she loves it!

and these two for p's granny. she's not been feeling well for the last two weeks and hasn't been baking. today she was brought into hospital! i hope she'll get her spirits up again, she's been a bit down about being weak and old and everybody around her is very worried.

Monday, February 4, 2008

This hat actually suits my friend Catherine really well, making me realise how it doesn't really suit me, after all, I think it may be the colour more than the shape though... Anyhow, C will be wearing this hat from now on, she prefers the knit side, so I'll redo the weaving in to look better on that side, also she requested a beanie topper which I will attach... I think I'll also add a bit of elastic in the brim...

That sorted, and after some green tea with ginger honey had been drunk, we then went for a quick walk on the beach, just in time before the sun set.

Other news, I got myself a ravelry account! Like I don't have enough time-eating internet hobbies already... Must take photos of my 'stash' soon and put them up... I love that site, it's great to see what other people made from the same pattern...

P's brother is coming to stay with us for 3 months! That's a long time for a small house like ours... And we only just 'got rid' of the last 'tenant', a friend of P's who was waiting for his house purchase to go through and didn't want to take out a lease on an apartment in between... Ant, as I like to call my brother in law, will be doing work experience for his college course in Dublin. I just hope he'll behave himself and clean up after himself... he's the baby of the family, 19, and very much used to mammy looking after him...

Friday, February 1, 2008

aaargh - blogger header picture

i just noticed that i now can easily add a header picture but it's soooo frustrating, i don't seem to be able to get it in at the right size or ratio! i think i spent an hour half heartedly messing with it, and now i've given up... i'd be a lot happier if i could get it to be centred in the header border, but even that i can't seem to get to work... i managed to crop one picture so it's not aligned left any more, but it's still aligned to the bottom and doesn't look great. i'm not used to looking at code any more... help, anybody???