Sunday, July 27, 2008

another baby beanie

this one might be for ours. or my cousin's or my friend from college's or my other friend's or my neighbour's! we'll see who has a girl first... it's slightly bigger than the others, 76 instead of 72 stitches

i finished it last night, i've never done stranded (and woven) colour work before... details on ravelry!

the weather is brilliant today! we're mostly spending it in the garden, relaxing, reading, having some cool (non alcoholic in my case) beer, getting up every now and then to do tiny amounts of pulling weeds, watering, harvesting... and to flee indoors for some shade, we're so lightskinned! factor 25 and i still feel i have to get out of the sun every half hour!

later we are planning to go to eurobaby and/or mothercare to look at some babythings. i've seen a bedside cot on the web that i want to have a look at, it's basically like a co-sleeper, but a proper cot as well. that ticks all the boxes in my book! and it's small enough to fit into our bedroom if we get rid of the bed side tables! if we get a very slim bedside lamp we could still have a reading lamp on the other side of the bed.

Monday, July 21, 2008

garden in july

gooseberries - green and hairy, just as they should be!


strawberry blossom, this variety is pink!

lavendar, perspective 1

lavendar, perspective 2, i think this will be part of my next moo postcard set!

baby beanie hat

i made a hat for my nephew! this is actually the 2nd, the first one was plain sage green, with no beanie topper. the pattern is by onegirl, and it's a great one (i modified it by doing stripes and adding the beanie topper)!

this is it inside out

here you can see the colour change on the wrong side.

must get some more wool and make more, this one only took me one evening, while watching TV and 'In Bruges'. I used the magic loop method. I weaved in the ends and evened out the colour change this morning on the bus, and posted it to germany at tea break...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

car bootie

i went to a car boot sale and got these beauties! they are soup cups and saucers and i just love the leaf pattern... and the colour!

my idea was to plant something in them, but for the moment i have them on the window sill just to admire them. and the middle one right now holds the last flower of my anniversary bunch of flowers, a pink lilie that was only opening up when the rest of them had already given up the ghost.

these are the flowers on the day i got them!

and this was the anniversary breakfast, fruitsalad with raspberries and yoghurt, and the first redcurrants from the garden, made by me, and french toast with honey made by himself, he makes the best french toast...

hard to believe we're married over a year already!

oh, must stop writing, just got handed a delicious smelling beef and udon noodle stir fry, with some of the monster pak choi from the garden!

window sill gardening

pepper progress!
they are a lovely bright red now, there was a spanish student in the office the other day, and she couldn't believe the veggies were doing so well, she didn't think you could grow peppers or tomatoes at all in ireland... this is an east facing window, the sun is gone after one o'clock, so i'd say you could work miracles with a south facing window!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

coralicious, again...

remember my post about my current favourite nail polish? i am in good company, marian keyes herself writes about it in her newsletter! it is a a great great colour of course... it'll save your sanity on a ridiculously torrential july day like this (yes. i am wearing sandals. foolish, i know. but it wasn't raining when i left the house! and it is july!)
PS the image of it on the rimmel website really doesn't do it justice.