Sunday, July 13, 2008

car bootie

i went to a car boot sale and got these beauties! they are soup cups and saucers and i just love the leaf pattern... and the colour!

my idea was to plant something in them, but for the moment i have them on the window sill just to admire them. and the middle one right now holds the last flower of my anniversary bunch of flowers, a pink lilie that was only opening up when the rest of them had already given up the ghost.

these are the flowers on the day i got them!

and this was the anniversary breakfast, fruitsalad with raspberries and yoghurt, and the first redcurrants from the garden, made by me, and french toast with honey made by himself, he makes the best french toast...

hard to believe we're married over a year already!

oh, must stop writing, just got handed a delicious smelling beef and udon noodle stir fry, with some of the monster pak choi from the garden!


  1. Aren't you beautifully spoiled. It sounds like you have a wonderful dh. I love a man that can cook. Happy Anniversary

  2. Those teacups and saucers are just adorable! Congratulations on your anniversary too!