Thursday, February 21, 2008

P's Gran

Who would have thunk it! She got her way and is out of hospital, back at home, out of bed and feeding herself again! They have a nurse coming in once a day and P's mum is doind A LOT of work, and one of her sons is staying in the house every night. She has a baby monitor in her room so at night she only has to call out and he can come in and get her what she needs or he can call P's mum to help. I'm so glad she's at home and might not have to die in a hospital. At this point it's about quality -not quantity- of life for her, and her doctor now agrees. I just hope it's not too hard on P's mum! The granny's weak now, and needs a lot of help, and a wheelchair, but just so happy to be home, I don't think P's mum is letting on how much work it is for her.
No other news, really... I'm smothered with a cold, i even was off work for a day! i'm much better now, but sound like a phlegm ball and am coughing like an old man... not pleasant.


  1. So glad to hear she was well enought to go home. Having with worked with seniors (before being a stay at home mom) I know how important 'home' is for them. Best wishes.

  2. never mind the wheelchair either, that was just for the first few days! she's using the zimmerframe now, she's recovered loads since i last saw her, p was just talking to his mum today. we'll most likely see her at easter next week.