Thursday, February 8, 2007

...more drawstring bags, they truly are addictive

some more of my creations... i'm on a database course this week and it's a great to be doing something at night that doesn't involve a computer screen...

this is made from a weird lace like very seventies looking fabric, with matching pink satin lining (and strings) I use it for my dancing shoes

an apron for P's niece, M, made from a fruity fat quarter, with green ric rac trim. i thought the slice of melon at the bib would have made a great pocket, but i couldn't remember how to make these invisible pockets and didn't want to ruin it... she's 4 and likes to help baking.

i made another backpack, using happything's tutorial and I think an idea from martha stewart, but I can't find the link right now. I also saw a 'puma' drawstring backpack in the street the other day. I used two flea market fancy fabrics, a plain chocolate brown cotton and bright red satin lining. I'm not so keen on the white rope but it was the only thing they had in the fabric shop. you'd think the biggest fabric shop in a capital city would have a bit more choice... i also sillily bought a pattern for cute corduroy trousers for my nephew (1 year old in next may), but when i looked for fabric a few days later they didn't have any children's fabrics. maybe their second branch in the north of the city does... i'm still waiting for a craft and sewing revival over here, i think there's still more shops closing down than opening up.

this backpack is going to be my commuter-bag, holding my book, my handbag and if i'm in a pretty shoes mood, a pair of shoes (can't walk a mile along the muddy road in pretty shoes, they wouldn't be so pretty after...). i added a fabric strap with a swivel hook for my keys on the inside, so i won't have to search for my keys in my bag any more!

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