Friday, March 16, 2007


i caught the ripple fever... looking at all those great ripple blankets out there made me really really want to try it myself!

i'm using this really lovely yarn called sublime, it has cashmere, merino and silk! i don't really do any knitting/crochet, but started to learn again, with cheap acrylics. ( I wanted to knit a small afghan for the sofa but got a wine stain on it halfway through and am stuck now wondering whether i should unravel back to the stain or not) Now the need to ripple has taken over but when i saw the sublime in the wool shop (where i was going to get a hook and some yarn to keep me occupied on a 3 hour train journey) i couldn't resist and thought quality before quantity, bought just two balls and i will make a scarve rather than a blanket! probably a better idea seeing as i am just starting. i can see now why people get hooked on knitting and crochet, it's such a pleasure working with 'good' materials!

i started with looking closely at yarnstorm and posie gets cosy ' blogs and started off with decreasing by skipping a stitch, very unsatisfactory results! then had a bit of a nightmare looking up the web tutorials for decreasing double crochet. mostly because there is a significant difference between british and american dc that i was unaware of! i found a tutorial, started all over doing the british thing (thinking i was wrong doing what i was doing) but noticed soon i wouldn't get anywhere fast because it was such a thick and tight stitch - then realising that i hadn't been wrong at all, just working american instead of UK, so i unravelled again and now i have about 1.5 row of dc, with the proper decreases and increases! i will add some photos to this later! i had some help from keri at and now i'm pretty sure i'm doing it 'right'!

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