Sunday, October 14, 2007

the half finished cardigan

i paused the body for the moment to see how far one ball of wool will get me for the sleeves, then i can work out after how long i can make the cardigan, i'm not sure yet will i go for half length sleeves or full length

this is the quite tricky under arm. i picked up a few stitches as suggested here by knitting betty, i decreased to my initial amount of stitches though. not the neatest thing in the world but i'm happy enough!

this is a great project to get back into knitting, it moves so fast!

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  1. I have a half finished jumper ... its been that way for over a year ... with winter coming, perhaps its time to start it up again, although it was originally for my oder daughter, I will now be lucky if the completed garment fits my younger daughter!