Thursday, November 22, 2007

finally some photographs of projects

the superquick honeycoloured biggy print scarf, made from 3 balls of biggy print

the completed main part of the cropped leaf tie cardigan, i'm dreading all the seaming...

i also made a start on the leaf tie, i used 3.5mm for the leaf and 5.5 for the i cord.

here the extended ripple scarf, the seam isn't great but the way i wear it you don't see the seam at all, just a layer of pink peeping out underneath the gray.

and once more, a picture of the seat covers at the kitchen table! not entirely happy with them, they slip a bit. not sure yet how to fix that!


  1. What a nice solution to extend the rippled scarf!

  2. hey!
    about the chair cushions ... what if you put some of that grip stuff on the underside of the cushions? (like the stuff on the foot bottom of kid pj's ?) ... or, some dots of silicone?
    regarding my lizard ridge, i am turning after each wrap. it's no big deal. but, i was working on the 'lady eleanor' for awhile, for that project (being much larger) i was knitting and purling backwards.
    happy knitting!