Wednesday, September 10, 2008

pregnancy dreams, and not just mine!

anybody else have weird dreams during their pregnancies? some are panicky and scary, or just unpleasant, and showing how i'm a bit worried i'm not quite ready for this baby!

like the one about us having a baby boy, and friends coming to see us in the hospital, and they are asking what we called him and we realise we haven't decided on a name, and our friends are horrified at us being so uncaring and unprepared as not to give our baby a name!

but some are nice dreams, too...

my favourite is the one where i discover i have a pocket on my belly, you know, like you'd have on a hoodie, and i can carefully put my hand in and feel the baby, and i can stroke her hand and she holds my finger and i know it's a girl and she's happy and content in there!

one of my friends had a dream about my baby! she said she was over to visit and i had 'taken the baby out to show her' like that was the most normal thing in the world, it was a boy and he was smiling and had dark spiky hair, she said it was all very lovely and cute, until i said, 'right, now you have to help me to put him back in, he's too young to be born yet'! thankfully she chose to wake up before it got to gross!


  1. I've also had some strange pregnancy dreams. I had one similar to your friend's, where I had the baby out and was admiring it with my husband, but then thought, "Oh dear, you're too young yet, how am I going to get you back in?"

    It would be nice to be a kind of marsupial, wouldn't it? I like feeling the baby move all around, but it would be nice to actually interact with it (ah well, soon!!)

  2. Ha, it's a time of huge dreaming, shared consciousnesses, worries, fears... just go with it. The pocket dream is absolutely beautiful! I"m jealous :)

    That's the one you believe in, let the worrying ones float on by.

    When we were in the hospital with Bodhi, we had no name for him - we told them that and the guy put him downw as 'None'! They called him as that thinking it was a foreign name! Awful!

  3. i think kangoroohs do it right, they birth teensy tiny babies, who then crawl up into the pocket and live there until they are ready to explore the world!