Sunday, January 11, 2009

black ice

i fell on my bum. so sore! i was walking (fast, as it was cold) to the bins, and on the concrete there was nothing, then on the paving - swoosh - wham. the shock reverberated (is that a word?) through my spine all the way to my head! couldn't breathe or get up at first, thank god my friend was there to help me up, she was already in her car pulling off.

i had bum back and headache on the first day, then only bum and backache, now only bum and lower back ache, and only when i get up or sit down or bend .

i was so lucky i wasn't carrying my baby at the time! i was very lucky not to get hurt any worse, too, as i was flat on my back. i should start a gratitude book, and this should be my first entry... i am grateful that i didn't get hurt badly, and that my friend was there to help me and that she stayed until i was sure i could get up and down the stairs and pick up and put down m.


  1. Still, it sounds so bad! I hope you're totally recovered!

  2. ouch! i sure hope the bum is better by now. we just had our own wintery weather, and there's still residual ice to beware.
    i scraped a path ( with my dust pan!) off the front steps for the post man (i want my mail, you know?) ....
    by the way, that tote bag you sewed is great! i really like the fabric.
    happy crafting =)