Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Neil Gaiman

Today we went to see the brilliant Neil Gaiman reading and signing, and Amanda Palmer singing in Chapters at five! Well, that was the idea, unfortunately the crowd was quite big, and no microphones used, so we couldn't actually see or hear anything, and as i had the buggy with me there was no trying to shuffle for a better space, either. When it came to queueing for signing, which snaked around the whole back section of the shop, i was however ushered to the front of the queue, courtesy of my little babe! I got a book signed for my friend, and he also signed m's fabric picture book! Hm, can't let her drool on it anymore now!

Afterwards my friend A and I went for some fish and chips and tea in Benny's, and then it was home for me and M. A went back and got another book signed at 20 past nine! Over 3 hours of reading and signing, respect! I wonder how many people were there...

M behaved so well, sleeping all the way into town, quietly taking in the sights and sounds in the book shop, she got a little grumpy around 6 so i fed her (in the fantasy/science fiction section, very quiet with everybody trying to catch a glimpse at the reading) and she fell asleep soon after, sleeping most of the way home, too! Back in the house she was full of giggles and smiles!

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