Saturday, April 4, 2009

5 months already!!

Our little M is 5 months old already! I couldn't even tell you how many weeks she is exactly, it's that many!! (Life definitely gets in the way of posting) We've even started to think about weaning and have decided to give Baby Led Weaning (also referred to as BLW) a go. Looking forward to it, but a bit apprehensive of the mess, although apparently feeding Purees isn't all clean and tidy either i hear...

I'm looking forward to seeing what she'll make of broccoli. She's licking and chewing and sucking everything she can get her hands on. Her terry bibs are a favourite, and my knuckles, too! Imagine the fun she'd have with the texture of broccoli floret, and the taste!!

We're gonna stick with the breastfeeding for another while, it's become so easy since we've come off the nipple shields, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it now! Can't imagine wanting to stop and start her on formula at 6 months. Have gotten quite attached to the new Cup size, too, it would be a pity to loose it already!! I can only recommend it to anybody, the initial hard work pays off soon, and the longer you stick with it the more you get 'your money's worth'! losing the baby weight has been a breeze, i was back to pre pregnancy weight after about 14 weeks, and am now skinnier than in years!! I hope I won't get too many odd comments from friends and family if I don't stop at 6 months...


  1. Ooo, easy on the early weaning. Have a look about what not to give, that their bowels aren't ready for etc.

    They reckon sixmonths is when they're ready to process more than milk.

    Try Lucy Burney, Boost Your Child's Immune System for what they need at each stage.

  2. we're going to wait till 6 months, WHO recommendation and also that's the age you can start baby led weaning, and it's up to the baby to decide what she eats, the parent just offers a choice of healthy finger foods. apparently children choose what they need in terms of nutrition... i didn't realise it sounded like we were starting already!