Sunday, July 12, 2009

vintage crochet baby dress

about 40 years ago, before she was married, and i think before she was even engaged, my mum crocheted a little red baby dress, and embroidered some flowers onto it. Years later she had a baby girl, and another, but somehow didn't get round to putting the dress on them, but she kept it through all these years! And presented it to my little daughter last week! the style and colour are very nearly back in fashion, and it's super cute over jeans! you can see in the second photo emm has discovered her tongue and uses it a lot to make interesting sounds, mostly gerrell, brell, babblabblabb! she's having so much fun! the only downside is it's hard to take a picture that doesn't have a little pink tongue in it!!

i'm really touched to think she kept it all these years!

1 comment:

  1. Aw. That's so sweet. And you're right, the style is very on trend with the yoke-and-smock effect.

    Em looks great. Don't forget, the tongue is just added charm for those of us who got the baby love.

    My Mum keeps these kind of things a long time too. I bet your Mum is thrilled to have your daughter wear it. These things cannot be measured. Time + yarn = love.