Sunday, October 25, 2009

power cut

We had a power cut last night, 9 hours! It was a nice evening actually, maybe we should voluntarily switch the power off every now and then! Emm had her first candle lit dinner, and loved it! Our neighbours dropped by for a cup of tea (gas hob, how lucky!) the stayed, so we ordered pizza, opened a bottle of wine, then we got out the cards and played '110'. It was so nice and relaxed, no distractions, no fussing or cooking (didn't want the fridge to get warm!), no background noise, just candles and friends. when they left, we looked up at a beautiful starlit sky, we rarely get to see the stars properly, because of the light pollution! i wonder will there be a baby boom in the area, in 9 months time!
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  1. Cozy images for sure! :-)

    Is it you who is having a baby? Congratulations if so!

  2. not that i know of! i meant in general, as a lot people were out of power for most of a saturday night! and we'd be 'commuter belt', so lots of couples and young families!