Sunday, May 2, 2010

First night away from Emm for the two of us

Last week P and I went to a wedding and stayed over! His mum came to babysit, and Emm didn't seem to be upset in the slightest when P and I left in our finery. While I was really reluctant, I've never left her with anyone but P overnight, and I only spent one night away from her so far, I have to say it was great after all! I couldn't resist to text hourly until she was asleep, but still, The ceremony was lovely (even though the priest kept calling the groom Ann instead of Alan!), the bride was stunning, the food delicious, and the drinks plentiful! I chatted to loads of people, even though I hardly knew anyone, and was on dancefloor for almost every song! It was a great night! We even lasted through another round of drinks in the residents' bar, and then hit the hay.

We had one of those hotel rooms with a double and a single. I woke up the next morning wondering about the pillow and folded duvet on the floor... Then I remembered! I woke up in the middle of the night thinking 'Oh no, Emm can't sleep in the single bed, she'll fall out!' I then decided to make her a bed on the floor, thinking 'good job she's still small, I can fold the duvet to make a mattress and a blanket!' Only when I looked for her in the double bed and she wasn't there did I remember that she was at home in her cot, safe and sound!

Thankfully I wasn't hungover at all, as I stuck to vodka and soda, apart from the wine and champagne early on, but I must have been drunk enough, to build a bed for the little one!

Emm had the biggest grin on her face when we came home, so sweet... She also started saying Granny now, even though it sounds more like gaddy! She's got about 80 English words now, and 45 German, we wrote down all the ones we could think of last week. I think that's not bad for 18 months. And she's started to walk on her own, which is so cute, she's so proud of herself!

No crafting done in ages, I hope I won't have to start her dress again, but maybe I should?? She hasn't put on any weight in ages, but she grows and grows, all her tops are getting too short, and she went from 3.5 to 4.5 in her shoe size in 8 weeks!

Anyhow, enough proud mammy babbling, I'm off to help my friend declutter her wardrobe!

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