Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy News!

We're expecting a baby at the end of Januray! This photo is obviously not today's (13 weeks), but one from when I was pregnant with Emm!

I've felt a lot sicker with this pregnancy so far, and the heat in Germany wasn't helping, nor was the stomach flu... I thought I was over the worst but got sick again last night. But of course I know that I'm lucky compared to many! I mostly feel really nauseous, and gag a lot, but I'm able to keep it down almost all the time, apart from maybe 5 times so far. Still, the constant nausea is kind of annoying!

We had our first hospital appointment and official scan last friday, so it feels OK to tell! It's strange though, having a toddler to run after means I don't have time to worry as much, and I don't feel as attached to this baby yet. I that normal for a second baby? It's becoing more and more real though, some days I even look like I have a little belly already! Although I still don't weigh as much as I did when I got pregnant with Emm, I just about got back to my usual weight of ten stone, while I was nine and a half for most of Emm's life. I lost all of the pregnancy weight within the first three months of breastfeeding, and then another three kilos (half a stone) soon after, she was just a very hungry baby I suppose!

It's strange, I was kind of worried during my pregnancy with Emm, about my breasts sagging, my waist disappearing, the dreaded jelly belly, but I was very lucky, and while I wouldn't mind my breasts being a little fuller, I actually like the softness of my belly. Proof of what my body did, grow a baby, cell by cell...

Well, I better finish this post so I can get some sleep, letting my body do its good work!
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  1. Rest assured, it's all normal - I was so connected to my first, and felt like I had no time to get to know my second - before and after the birth. And yet he's the sweetest, happiest thing, and is so FAR more emotionally well adjusted than his sister. We do them no favours with our constant, obsessive attention :)

    Congratulations again!

  2. hee hee,
    Ah JO, you hit the nail on the head, I think Ozzy will need less therapy than Max (even though Max is mad)!

    Congrats on your good news! It's another new life, always a thrill.

  3. congratulations!! it's a bit of a crazy ride with two but it's definitely never boring :)

  4. Congratulations! I hope the nausea goes soon.

    I, too, like the softness of my body after pregnancy. Badges of motherhood and all.