Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Sun

This is how long our shadows were at twelve noon today! But it's good to know that the days are getting longer... Did I mention we got an 'Ecological Calendar' this year? I love it, especially watching how the amount of day light increases, and the different night sky events.

Emm and I had to do some banking today, and added a charity shop visit (very successful, with a 'Peppa Pig' book, 'The Little Red Hen' ladybird book, a tablecloth that might be intended to be embroidered (which is very unlikely to happen anytime soon), some flashcards and a Peter and the Wolf CD, narrated by Dame Edna Everage. We also had a little walk on the beach, which ended in a tantrum when it was time to go back, and I intended to share some lunch with her, in a little cafe (where Emm refused to eat anything, at all, and instead chose to colour Peppa Pig pictures (yes, we're dealing with an obsession here)). Apart from the tantrum, it was a nice relaxed morning for just the two of us!

Her eye appointment went OK, both eyes still dealing with the effects from the laser OP, as they should, and no disease related changes visible during the slitlamp exam. It wasn't nice to get actual numbers for her eye sight (3/60 and 6/60 at the moment, which for a grown up means legally blind), when it seems like she sees all she needs to, but it's all part of the process of getting her all the support she needs. The consultant says the decrease in her visiual acuity (while we weren't told numbers before, her file had 6/24 written in it from a previous visit) is partly due to (hopefully) temporary shortsightedness due to swelling from the laser operation. However, as she grows, and her eyes with her, she is very likely to become more and more shortsighted, on top of the retinal problems she has, and which are also likely to worsen. The optometrist and consultant both were quick to point out how 'very bright' she is, and what great language skills she has for her age, which I think was intended to distract me from the fact that her eye sight is not very good at all. If her eyesight doesn't decrease she should be able to go to a normal school, using low vision aids.

So now I should be free to mentally prepare for the baby, but today it doesn't feel right yet, it's all to fresh on my mind and I'm filling my day trying to get the house and bills organised while trying to spend quality time with Emm, too, all at an awfully slow pace, because I'm really feeling 'heavily' pregnant now! So very different to the last few weeks of pregnancy with Emm...
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  1. hugs to you xx

    Your header photo is phenomenally beautiful.

  2. thank you!
    The photo was taken last autumn in Donabate, on a blustery sunday morning, the light was incredible that day

  3. And hugs from me too. I hope you manage to slow down and enjoy these heavy days of pregnancy a little anyway.