Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm going to knit something!

After buying the 'last minute knitted gifts' book in spring and still not having started anything (I was so going to make the hourglass sweater as seen on moonstitches' blog!)

After debating for ages over whether i'd order online I finally went to a wool shop after work yesterday (it's 20 minutes on the dart, in the wrong direction, so i wasn't home till half 8! Why are there no woolshops in the city centre??) with the hourglass pattern and the leaf cardi pattern (off the knitty website). Seeing as it's the first project in ages, the shop assistant and I decided I'll go for the cardi, a little less daunting. I am going to use debbie bliss rialto aran yarn in a lovely warm blue, so seeing as it's not going to be green i might not actually do the leaves!

I was browsing some books, too, and got the Erica Knight Classic Knits book, I like the title jumper, and several of the other designs, plus it has a pattern for gloves that i want to try.

I also really like the brown ribbed V neck jumper from this book but maybe I am getting ahead of myself there, I stopped myself before buying that book as well, some designs are nice but many are a bit off my radar.

Still haven't finished the chair covers... Must do that before my sis arrives next week!
Then i have to finish making another piece for this wavey scarve , i finally decided that it really definitely is too short, and i am going to try and make a separate piece, in the opposite colours, i.e. fuchsia with grey edges, to attach to it. I was so close to unraveling when a fellow stitch and bitcher on tuesday pointed out that i could attach another piece. At first i poo-pooed that, saying that you'll always see where they are attached and it wouldn't do, but now with the attached piece being different colours that won't be so much of a problem any more (i hope).
Then finally I will be allowed to start on the knitting adventure and try and make an actual piece of clothing for myself.

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