Sunday, September 9, 2007

i like to ride my bicycle

a new bicycle!

This week I finally got the bicycle I bought on ebay! I just prefer this dutch style to the sportier bikes, plus they have the coat guard thingies at the back so you can cycle with a long coat or skirt, and the chain is completely hidden so no nasty surprises on the jeans edges, and the back pedalling break without which i feel a bit vulnerable. This particular one is a cheapo version of the good ones, but if i spent 300 plus on a bike i'd only be worrying about it being stolen or vandalised.
P got himself a bike as well, a sportier and I have to say much better quality one, but it also was much more expensive (I'll be worrying about that one being stolen now i bet). We went for a spin today and i kind of think maybe I should have spent more money and gotten more gears? It has three and it's much hillier here in Ireland than where I'm from in Germany... but at least this one shouldn't be stolen, hopefully the thieves will think it's an actual old 'High Nelly' and walk away! We stopped at the pub halfway, where we sat outside and enjoyed a bit of September sun and a beer and a rest.
We used some of the wedding present money for these, a great present because we'll be able to use them in our leisure time, together, and explore the countryside around us.

Sewing's taken a back seat, we finally got some nice weather over here! I have the 5 remaining chair covers cut and assembled, now I just have to finish them, folding under the edges all around! Lots of ironing for that one.

I want to try and get into knitting now though, it's the right time of year, I'd love to make a jumper like this one (by moonstitches) from this book , it's called the hourglass sweater! But it's a big commitment in terms of time and money. i don't want to make it from acrylics because i hate them and don't want to spend hours upon hours working with it, at the same time i'm a bit worried about spending 100€ plus on wool, having no idea if I'd actually see it through or what it would look like being knitted by me! I like the idea of knitting in the round, and of a fitted garment, I rarely wear jumpers though, more cardigans, so maybe i should find a similar pattern for a cardigan? any suggestions? allthough a cardigan wouldn't strictly be 'in the round' - i mean i like the technicque where you don't have any sewing to do at the end of it!
Any recommendations for Dublin or Drogheda wool shops? Ideally Dublin 2 or 1...


  1. I LOVE that bike. Since visiting Amsterdam 7 years ago I've dreamed of getting one. They are big in France too and I tried out a few over there this summer but didn't make a purchase. I love the look of these ones as they remind me of my childhood visiting the countryside and seeing all the old people riding them around with bales of hay or sacks of feeds balanced on the back or across the bar! I still see the odd few people on them around here in Leitrim. Congrats on the purchase.

    As for jumpers, I've been knitting one for 2 1/2 years now. At the time it was for my 3 year old, she is now nearly 6 and I'm hoping if I finish it this winter it will fit her little 4 year old sister! Is the jumper you mention a knit around? If not, you could start with the back, then by the time you reach the front you'll be knitting beautifully!

  2. on the subject of wool shops in Drogheda there's a new one beside the pub Gleesons on narrow west street under the arch through the gate it's the third door on the right upstairs from the barbers.