Thursday, April 24, 2008

the news....

we're expecting a baby!!! this is exciting news, i can finally tell because i'm over the 'mystical' 12 week mark, although i know that doesn't neccessarily mean all will be well... the last pregnancy ended with a (missed) miscarriage at 8 weeks on christmas day, so we're delighted to actually get to see a baby and a heartbeat on the ultrasound this time.

but if you think i'm done worrying now you're wrong... I am very worried the baby might be too small, i had an ultrasound at a GP and it wasn't a very good machine, but on the printout it says 14cm and there are two marks, so technical me assumes that that is the scale of the image so i couldn't resist measuring the baby. on the day of the ultrasound it was supposed to be around 48mm but according to the scale on the printout it's only 34mm, which is nearly two weeks to small! i've been trying to contact the GP since to find out did he take an actual measurement during the scan and are the 14cm on the ultrasound picture an actual scale... but he hasn't called back yet. he's probably sick of me worrying... do any of you know anything about measuring babys on ultrasounds??

how am i feeling? still quite tired, but not as bad as a few weeks ago, a little nauseous, but not really, i get a gagging reflex a lot of the time, when it's bad it makes my stomach contract as well and i probably could get sick quite easily, but it only actually happened once, when i decided to gurgle with mouthwash, maybe not the smartest idea seeing as even just brushing my teeth is the number one gagging trigger! i get exhausted quite easily when i have a stressful day at work, but when it's not too bad i sometimes have the energy to cook dinner or tidy up, but most days i just refuse to see the dust motes and am happy enough to just have a yoghurt for my dinner. the husband unfortunately doesn't care as much about dinners as i, he'd quite happily live on takeouts and frozen pizzas...

i maybe have put on half a kilo now, although i already carried an extra 2 kilos from the last pregnancy, i didn't try to lose it because i thought a bit of extra fat might help me get pregnant again more quickly (and maybe it worked, it only took 2 months) disappointingly i haven't put on a cup size yet! i'm quite sure i got better endowed, but when i went to M&S to get measured for a non wired bra (non existent in a pityful 34B's wardrobe, i heavily rely on padded and wired to balance out my bottom heavy figure), instead of the usual 34B i was measured 32B! i either have been wearing the wrong bra size all along or i actually got thinner... in fact, thinking of my wedding, i was measured 32B then, which surprised me then, and I lost a bit more of my womanly figure after the wedding when i stopped taking the pill... however, the lady in the shop recommended the 34B bras because i'd only get bigger. the maternity ones she showed me were awful, thin cotton things with no support whatsoever! in the end i bought so called 't-shirt' bras, which are comfy and give a nice shape under tops, and give me a nice bit of support. i definitely got nicer cleavage now, whatever the woman's measuring tape says...

i know, i'm getting unusually chatty here, i just can't help myself, it's all so exciting!


  1. holy moly a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Babies are cool!!!! measuring an ultrasound is for the experienced girl! And even if you are rght My kids both were tow weeks behind but with that estimate of concieving I would be ike the virgin Mary!

  2. oh you can't believe what a relief it is to hear that! because i would be the virgin mary, too, if i went by the measurements. i read there are some differences but i thought 2 weeks would be too much of a difference.
    were your babies born two weeks late then??
    i work with maps so i couldn't resist measuring and calculating the measurement according to the scale...

  3. Congratulations! I'm in a very similar boat, pregnant with my first and at 11 weeks. No ultrasound yet, but I totally sympathize with your worries (it seems like that's a big part of this process!). Best of luck you you and your little one!