Wednesday, April 30, 2008


still so tired! still waiting for that 2nd trimester energy! had today off after two 12 hour days, and i had so many plans; work in the garden, bake a cake, tidy up, iron, cook dinner, some knitting or sewing... i did none of them...
instead i slept in, had rice pudding and rhubarb (just boiled with sugar) for my breakfast (i figured it's not much different to porridge with fruit and therefore healthy), caught up with some blog reading, had a little lunch (which i nearly threw up, but i just about kept it down, i think i had let myself get too hungry beforehand) and a nap, went for a cycle to buy fruit at the local fruit'n'veg shop, met my neighbour for tea... the only productive thing i did was laundry and dishes... not very impressive. hopefully this downtime will have restored my energy levels to survive another two days in the office.
i read up on growing potatoes in a tyre stack, amongst other sites here
would love to try it, though it might be a little late for that, plus i would want a prettier stacking solution, our garden is too small for stacks of tyres not to make a bad impression... our veggie garden is not taking off so well yet, it's been so cold! and we've neglected the fruit bushes and trees completely. the truth is, i don't really know how to prune and feed them. i pruned the damson tree and it's taken it badly... no blossoms whatsoever. we did nothing to the cherry tree, no blossoms either! i think the gooseberries and redcurrant could have done with some loosening of the soil and some kind of plant food...
i also read some rollercoaster posts, but whenever i read about birth and labour i get very panicky and fearful, it all seems to be so totally out of my control once i get into hospital! 'actively managed labour' seems to still be the norm in ireland, from all i've heard from germany and other european contries it's different there...
i have a funny taste in my mouth from dinner, my brother in law cooked lasagne for us, accompanied by oven chips (i don't get this, chips with lasagne! there's already pasta in it, i wouldn't have spaghetti with spuds either, can anybody explain this to me? is it an irish thing? a canteen thing?) the lasagne was from a 'kit' with 2 jars of sauce and the lasagne sheets. you just add mince. i didn't realise that i haven't eaten food like that in ages, it just didn't taste right, the tomato sauce was as sweet as ketchup, the white sauce strangely salty, plus this strange 'artificial taste', is it msg? it's nice of him to cook every now and then, but it really makes us realise how well we usually eat! (another dinner he cooked once was spuds and carrots and steak, cooked entirely without salt or pepper or any flavourings, with the potatoes and steaks overcooked to take the last bit of goodness and natural flavour out of them. it's the kind of food that really depresses me, i know that's ever so healthy. but i really love my food seasoned!)
Gee, bitchy me, i should be grateful for any night that i'm not cooking (i haven't cooked much at all lately due to ridiculous tiredness) and i am, but i'm really looking forward to not being so crushed tired and cooking a healthy and flavourful meal again... P cooked a lovely chili con carne yesterday by the way, so i'm not all complaints.

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