Wednesday, June 25, 2008

baby update

the baby's kicking away now, it's the most exciting thing, i think i'd been feeling movements since about week 18, but i wasn't sure if that's what they were. But in Sardinia, lying on a deckchair overlooking the sea, i was looking down at my belly and i could feel and see a kick, that's when i knew for sure what i'd been feeling! the same evening, as we were watching a Euro2008 match, i felt strong kicks again and finally p got to feel them as well, and he could see them. the surprise and astonishment in his face were priceless! we've got a nickname for the little one as well now, 'the pod' or 'poldi', after one of the soccer players. of course p thinks now it's a boy cos it seems to like football!

when in germany we went for a 3d/4d ultrasound, 'rip of ireland' shows, in ireland it would cost about 200€, in germany it was 40€! a fifth of the price! it was great to see the pod squirming about rubbing its nose and kicking. it was a little camera shy though, mostly turning away.

my mum and dad seem so happy about it, too. my mum's very quiet and wouldn't talk about feelings or anything much, but i could see the smile on her face, and she looked so happy when she saw and felt the kicks! and she keeps saying things about when she was pregnant with me and how lovely it was when she felt the first kicks.


  1. Isn't is great? I've just lately been feeling *real* kicks, and my husband has got to feel one little 'flutter'. I just love sharing those moments with him!

    Luck you with the ultrasound pricing! I've just had 2 standard b&w, "2d" u/s, but both times it's still been fantastic to see my own baby moving around.

  2. How magical! I haven't experienced it myself yet, but hopefully will in the not too distant future.

  3. I loved this stage too, funny but I felt my first flutterings on a deck chair in Sicily and the world cup was on at the time - wierd;)

  4. Congratulations!

    In answer to your questions about my stripey afghan:

    I used washable wool or wool blends or acrylics. Nothing random about the color choices. Those are what I find the most pleasure in.

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