Sunday, June 8, 2008

sardegna and deutschland!

i'm getting excited now, we're off to sardinia tomorrow, and on to germany next week! The weather isn't supposed to be great, but i'm just looking forward to a change of scenery, and to relaxing and to seeing my family...

hopefully i will have some nice photographs to blog when i come back but i'm not quite sure yet how i'm going to handle the 10kg hand luggage limit and if i can bring my camera charger...

i think i'm starting to get a bump! p. says so, and my neighbour, and another friend! and i have to admit it myself, it starts to look like more than just a bloated stomach! and the last 2 weeks or so some more of my jeans started to be a little uncomfortable. i better take myself off to bed now, it's nearly midnight, and i haven't started packing yet! i think i'll go to sleep and do it in the morning, i've got it all ironed and folded and in my head i know what i want to bring, i just have to figure out how much i can bring... we won't have to leave till after lunch so we should be OK...


  1. Sooo jealous, I've never been to Sardegna, it's on my "to do list"!! Have a ball!! The transition from "big belly" to bump is great!! Enjoy!

  2. i hope you are having a wonderful time!
    and congratulations on your 'bump', such a magical moment in life.

  3. Yay for bumps! Those photos are lovely :)

  4. those photos aren't mine! they are from flickr commons, follow the link below each picture and you should get to the picture and its creator on the flickr website