Wednesday, August 27, 2008


sorry, is it just me or is rachel allen pronouncing onions in the most peculiar way? we were just watching her make roast chicken and were nearly on the floor laughing, especially as she said it so often, we didn't count but it went 'then i take the annion and i peel the annion, then i put the annion into the saucepan..." anybody know where she's from?
the other thing that cracks me up is that she often looks like she hates the food she's tasting, while saying 'i lav the flavour, mmh, it's delicious' and it often looks like she hates touching produce, too!
enough bitching, i have to say i love her clothes, make up and jewellery, and the actual food looks yummie!


  1. Heh, she's terribly affected, alright.

    It's a fake accent! It doesn't belong anywhere.

  2. i had never heard of rachel allen, so i have no answer for you. but it made me smile to imagine somebody pronouncing onion like that over and over.
    thanks for stopping by my blog!