Thursday, August 21, 2008

mamma mia

we had a girlie cinema night out, to see mamma mia last night, hilarious! really cheesy, of course, and the plot is slightly confusing, they had to try and somehow fit in as many abba songs as possible. most of the singing is alright but Pierce Brosnan's singing and dancing is so bad, we were dying laughing in our seats! the youths did my head in, but the 3 ladies were brilliant, especially done up in shiny seventies gear! a very cheery film, for sure, unfortunately i'd had non alcoholic beer, i think the film would have been better with a few cocktails. my favourite thing though was the interiour design, light turquoise blue walls, slightly distressed bright red accessories, beautifully embroidered throws and cushions, any type of apron you can imagine, seventies style tablecloths on the clothes lines, mismatched plates and chairs...

at the end of the film i was more or less decided. i was going to paint one wall in our bedroom that colour, and do a similarly bright and mismatched nursery, but the girls pointed out that it all looks right in greek sunshine, but won't be so lovely on an irish, dark, dank, rainy, day. i'm not convinced, i think especially in grey weather bright colours are needed!


  1. A good tip about the cocktails. I remember that if I can steal away some time to see it.

  2. Hi. I think you should go for it! I grew up in upstate NY near Syracuse - 4th cloudiest city in the US and the bright colors my mother used worked.

    Thank for visiting my blog. On a another note, my grandmother was born in Glenbeigh Co Kerry and my Dad's cousin still runs the farm there. Have visited Ireland 3 times and always have a great time when we go.