Thursday, April 1, 2010

busy busy

we've been keeping busy here, no crafting to speak of, but visitors from germany, childminding, visits to P's parents and lots of cooking and baking.

today we've got a trip to ikea planned, to look at the bjursta table and the tobias chair, and to get an antilop (for little visitors, and to bring down with us when we visit p's parents (we usually go on a sunday when the house is quite full, and there's always a short supply of chairs, so bringing the handysitt is not an option))

oh, i just saw the new chair by handysitt! together with the seat (that we already have) it makes a high chair, or it can be used on its own!

if we go for the ikea chairs, it'll be quite a shift towards the modern from our relatively traditional current dining furniture. the table isn't ideal, i much prefer solid wood to veneer, and i prefer slightly tapered legs, but we're looking for a smaller table that we can extend, only when needed, as the dining area is so small and emm loves to drive her little car and hopefully soon she'll be walking and running, too! we don't want to spend too much money, as in a few years we hopefully will be able to extend out the back and make a dining room there.

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