Sunday, April 4, 2010

IKEA bootie

Hours of unpacking and assembling later (I can feel my arm and shoulder muscles something shocking!) here we are with our new set up! I think I will need an oilcloth tablecloth, as the veneer won't last long with Emm at the table! It looks lovely and uncluttered, although it'll take some getting used to. It's so stark and dark, whereas my old table and chairs were light and warm...

But there is so much more space now, and the table extends out on two sides, so we'll still be able to have people over for dinner (hence the two extra chairs in the corner (they'll go into the attic for my sewing table and the desk (formerly known as kitchen table). It's nice to properly sit 'around the table' as a family now, before it was always one of us sitting next to Emm, which was really awkward for helping her eat.

The dark furniture brings out the dark bits in the wooden floors, and the lower design makes the room look higher, but at the moment the focus is really drawn down, I will have to get some dark picture frames, and maybe some wallmounted shelves (scary, with our hollow walls...), so there is a bit of contrast above 'waist level' in the room! The kitchen and dining area don't flow as well any more. I was all for getting the light ash colour, but P loved the dark, and it goes better with the chairs. We didn't go for the Tobias chairs in the end, it's very wide and bulky.
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  1. It looks lovely! nce work :)

  2. yeah, lovely and uncluttered from that angle ;-) you don't want to be looking around the corner...