Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I made a doll

She's a bit weird, something went wrong when I printed the pattern, I'm pretty sure the body and head turned out wider, and the arms and legs narrower! I started her last winter and stopped the work when I realised how skinny the arms and legs were. This weekend I took her out again and finished her today. I didn't want to invest too much more time in a wonky doll, so she just got a single layer of hair and a quickly embroidered face.. My mind is already on modifying the pattern to get more shape to the head. And bum, so she'll sit. And obviously fatter arms and legs! Emm seems to like her anyways, she's reading her 'Owl Babies' at the moment.

The pattern I used was from , I think it's a great and easy pattern, just be smarter than me and check your printer settings before you print!
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  1. I think she's lovely! D think her limbs are disproportionate - she's a dolly, after all, not a model :)

  2. well, it was a ratio problem with my printer, which i half suspected but ignored... they aren't meant to be so skinny!

  3. actually, thinking about it, maybe it was a letter vs A4 problem!