Tuesday, November 2, 2010

dreaming about new boots

I really like the look of these! Yes, yes, I know they won't make my legs look like that in a million years! I like the way they slouch! I don't know about spending that much money on a pair of boots though, and looking out the window, suede boots are not really a great option right now... 
This one might be more sensible... I like the buckle! 

I was talking to a friend about Uggs and weather it was worth buying them, but she said she wasn't too fond of hers as they were too flat! something I sometimes find with my Birkenstocks, great  for around the house and garden, and driving, but for long walks I think I prefer either a little more heel, like an inch or so, or more support... She then showed me her FitFlop Boots, that's how I came across these! 

Ah, maybe it's not a good idea wearing wobbly shoes for me anyways, I think you're supposed to start before you get pregnant, with any new and different footwear... 

If I hadn't so many pairs of handknit woolly socks from my mum, I'd also like these shearling clogs! But in combination with the socks I would probably get heat stroke on my feet! They'd be lovely for the hospital though, when you're in and out of the bed all day long... 

Enough of consumer dreams, the babe's awake and we'll have to brave the weather and get some food into the house!!


  1. The boots look good! Are they meant to make you fit?

  2. yep, fitflops, all the rage over here, the first models were flip flops now they do all sorts of shapes. they are kind of like MBTs if you've heard of them. basically, the sole isn't flat but rounded, which means you're always balancing, which engages your core muscles a little. don't know if they work! sketchers do runners with the same kind of sole now, too, i believe.

  3. I#ve been v tempted by American ones called Earth - cool boots and sandals. And the soles aren't wobbly, they just incline, so it's like you're walking up hill. You can find them on amazon.com.

    Those are some beautiful legs in that picture - I like the boots too!

    Amazon.co.uk has a shoe sale on at the moment - might be worth checking out?