Sunday, November 28, 2010

messy baking with two year olds

I didn't quite realise before just how hard it is to bake with two year olds! While a 12 months old baby tried to eat raw cookie dough, two two year olds tried to cut cookies before the dough was even rolled out. When it came to decorating the first biscuits were eaten immediately (why would mama put sweets in front of me unless she's expecting me to eat them?) one was sprinkling hundreds and thousands onto icing only to lick it all off seconds later, while another just ate the alphabet sprinkles straight from the bowl! They did get into the spirit of things soon after, but another minute later they were bored and went off to play, while the mammies finished the job. Cleaning up afterwards was a sticky business! But all worth it, the girls had fun, and their mums, too, and proud little bakers brought home biscuits for their daddies.
Four of us had this great plan of craft afternoons for the little ones, but none of us have any experience, so we're learning by doing. About attention spans, the importance of being organised, and basically about enjoying watching them have fun, without getting to concerned about how perfect the finished project is going to be!
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  1. Ah, we do this each Christmas - this year I decided we might do salt dough and cook them first, and let them paint them as tree decorations. Save on sprinkles!

    Is that a tablecloth with the birds on? It looks gorgeous!