Wednesday, March 9, 2011

things that make me happy this week

finding myself having proper conversations with Emm
chicken gumbo, yum...
seeing Emm eat loads of it, chased with steamed broccoli, and declaring it 'the best dinner ever'
my sleeping babe
having spare energy again! today used to make a batch of cowboy cookies

the lengthening days
feeling warmth from the sun
the spring cleaning urge, even if i don't actually get to do much about it, i can feel it and am full of ideas on how to better use our space, and do tiny little projects, whatever i can get done in 5 minutes...
feeding Ti, with ease, and no pain,
the calm disposition that comes with breastfeeding
the great rack that comes with breastfeeding!
seeing Emm look after Ti
seeing Ti look up at Emm
Pancake Tuesday (even if pancakes are way more often on the menu in this house!)

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  1. Oh, great to see you up and around, and breastfeeding sorted. Sorry it took this long, though :(

    We too, have pancakes once a week, but it didn't seem to stop my daughter getting al lexcited and eating loads!