Saturday, May 3, 2008

garden photos ...and little cotton socks

fig, it survived the winter

stock, sowed 2 years ago, i think it keeps resowing itself, it actually had a few blossoms even in winter!


tomato plants


rosemary, in blossom, i wonder at what point i have to trim it, i think possibly after blossoming?

oregano, and a stray thyme sprig in the background, it seeded itself, so i'm leaving it be and when it's big enough it'll get its own pot, and maybe go to a friend. or to replace it's mother plant, which is getting very big and woody.

cress, radishes, peas (i think, i really should have labelled them...)

"mexican orange blossom", they have a lovely smell

little cotton socks for my friend's baby, made with LIDL cotton on 3.5mm needles

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