Monday, May 19, 2008


on the way to the farmers market in skerries we passed a car boot sale, and apart from a little tin watering can and a few plain white linen napkins i picked up these treasures!

a single chenille throw, white, 100% cotton.
my 'bend the rules sewing' book has a pattern for bibs, and i'm planning to make some bibs and burp cloths a la happythings. i have lots of cute fat quarters that i can use, and some recycled cottons, too. i just have to get started again. hard to do with the weather still being lovely.

2 pillow cases, probably poly cotton, with lace detail

a kind of matching flat sheet (or was it a duvet cover? my memory is really letting me down, i only took these pictures saturday night!), the flower cotton is actually much more faded than the pillow cases, but the plain yellow fabric is darker, and the lace is different, it looks like somebody might have tried to make this matching afterwards, it's definitely home sewn.

so, as these fabrics are lovely and soft from years of washing, i'm thinking baby bedlinen? i suppose it'll have to wait till we've got a crib. my friend will lend us her moses basket for the 1st few months, but i have to start looking for a crib soon. there are several 2nd hand websites around, i'm thinking getting the crib itself off or and then just buying a matching mattress?

of course this fabric would be a little too girly for a boy. i just don't know, should we book a private scan and ask to find out the sex? i'm worried that if they get it wrong i'd find it harder to bond if i was expecting one but got the other? on the other hand, it would be handy and it would give us some time to prepare, and if i saw some cute not-gender-neutral outfits i could just give in and buy them!

i also like the idea of a 'co-sleeper' bed, in case i manage to breast feed i would prefer not to have to get up in the middle of the night. they are little cots that attach to your bed, so the baby has its own little bed but it's at the same level as yours so you can just reach over for cuddles and for feeding. has anybody got any experience with these?


  1. gorgeous finds, especially the chenille beadspread. thanks for leaving the comment that brought me here and congrats on your pregnancy! looking forward to hearing and seeing how it goes for you : )

  2. Some great fabric finds. I just got my copy of "Bend the Rules" the other day and am looking forward to making some bibs and stuff as well (though not pregnant myself yet, but fingers crossed).

  3. Oh... and I forgot to say. Thank you for your questions about the capsule hotel. They inspired me to write a piece about it on my other blog (the My Life As A Gaijin one). Hopefully I've answered all the questions there.

  4. We have had friends with a co-sleeper bed and most of them have said that it ended up being less useful than they'd expected because they ended up just pulling the baby into bed with them. You'd have to lean into it and contort yourself in order to breastfeed in it. Many mothers end up learning that they can fall back to sleep while they breastfeed and therefore get more sleep -- but then baby is in bed with mama. Which is, of course, how our ancestors did it, anyway.