Monday, May 5, 2008

money matters...

Do you ever wonder if you save enough money or give enough to charity? Or if you should be spending this much on a new pair of shoes? I was just reading this post on how to divide up your money on apron thrift girl and I think it's a great concept. I've heard about it before, and while i won't be keeping my money in jars I think I might calculate how much I 'should' be saving and spending on different things, and compare it to what I actually spend it on... Every now and then I keep track of what I spend, but I usually give up very quickly as it's sickening to see how much goes on coffees and lunches every day, I've never mastered the packed lunch for any serious length of time, it usually goes well for a few weeks and then I fall off the wagon. And I do enjoy those take away coffees immensely, they give me this 'girl about town' feeling, when i walk into the office with my latte and croissant!
We're off to a friend's house this afternoon, so I better stop reading blogs and musing about take away coffees and get that ironing done before we go!


  1. I have some friends who are trying to go a month without buying any see how much they can go without --
    Have you had a chance to make an apron yet?

  2. haven't made anything, pregnancy is taking it out of me... got a bit more energy now, but all that was spent bringing the house back in order, and having and going to bbqs! 1st hospital appt tomorrow, very nervous!