Saturday, February 13, 2010

black bean burgers

Mmmh, I made these mini black bean burgers today, they were really nice! I had to use black bean sauce, that was the closest to fermented black beans I could get locally! I also couldn't get maple syrup, so used golden syrup for the sauce, I added some sweet chili sauce as well.

I soaked the black beans for a whole day and then simmered them for several hours, I really have to start cooking more beans at a time and then freezing them, or maybe start cooking them in the oven when I am making something else. I wonder is it more environmentally friendly to buy tinned beans?

We had half for our lunch (Emm had less chili in her sauce), the other half I packed up for my friend H, who's going on an early flight tomorrow. I made her a little lunch bag, with the burgers, dipping sauce, some mini carrot&pineapple muffins, an apple, a few nuts and raisins and some mini chocolate bars. She's a vegetarian, and travelling with a small child, so her airport food options are limited.

I'm looking forward to making these again, I think I'll make double the amount, they will make great snacks for Emm and me, and lunches for P.

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  1. Oh, yum, thank you, gonna do it! Hmm, I wonder would miso stock powder work. I might have miso paste at the back of the fridge, but it's ANCIENT.