Friday, February 19, 2010

I spy in the night sky don't I

Phoebe Io Elara Leda Callisto Sinope
Janus Dione Portia so many moons ... (blur - far out)

I got to try out 'google sky map' on an android phone, so cool! You point it at the sky and it tells you what stars you're looking at! Magical... 

I don't know if my phone has a compass, but I hope it does, and that somebody writes this app for those of us who don't possess a geek phone (as i like to call the nexus and it's android companions)... 


  1. Wow, as much as we seem so connected to technology we also are getting so connected with nature in a different way. I'd love an App to tell me what stars that I was looking at. How beautiful.

  2. That is a very cool application. Want!